Introducing Powerful New Features for Triage Protocol Customization

We are very excited to announce the ability to fully customize the Schmitt-Thompson protocols in ClearTriage! Customization has been one of our most-requested features over the years, but we realized early on that it was a complicated problem and would be difficult to solve while maintaining the usability and simplicity our customers have come to [...]

By | March 23rd|

Customer Interview – Privia Health

In this interview we talk with Chris Phillips, RN, BSN, CCM, CPHQ and Lead Care Manager for Privia Health’s Care Advice Line. Chris has implemented ClearTriage within 2 large ACOs as part of their population health strategies. The first was a multi-hospital system; Privia Quality Network is more PCP-centric with close to 1600 physicians across [...]

By | December 8th|

Customer Interview – Sawtooth Mountain Clinic

This is the second in a series of articles introducing you to some of our customers. We all learn and grow from sharing in the experiences of others, we hope you find this interview helpful. The conversation is with Kate Surbaugh, RN, Clinical Nurse Manager for Sawtooth Mountain Clinic. Here’s an overview of the topics [...]

By | September 2nd|

Why “Easy” Matters

Have you ever noticed how some technology seems to just be naturally easy to use? Maybe it’s your phone, your television or a favorite program on your computer. On the other hand, some of the technology in our lives can be really painful to use. In spite of this, we often manage to train ourselves [...]

By | August 27th|

Customer Interview – Forest Hills Pediatric Associates

We’d like to start introducing some of our customers and let them share their triage experiences. We hope these interviews will give you insight into different ways people manage telephone triage and provide ideas for improving your own triage. Our first interview in the series is with Claire Olgren, MD and Kathy Hickey, RN of [...]

By | July 21st|

Telephone Triage Protocols – Script or Checklist?

Part of my job is to demo ClearTriage to interested nurses, providers and administrators. I’ll often say something like, “as you know, the Schmitt-Thompson telephone triage protocols are meant to be used as a checklist, not as a script.” I’m surprised by how many people don’t understand what I mean by this. This concept is [...]

By | March 28th|