Schmitt-Thompson Clinical Updates for Telephone Triage Nurses

Dr. Barton Schmitt and Dr. David Thompson are the authors of the telephone triage protocols used in ClearTriage. They also write a periodic newsletter for telephone triage nurses to share information about telephone triage including guidance on particular protocols and help with current media topics (e.g., Zika or Ebola).

Here are links to current and past issues of the “Clinical Updates” newsletter. We’ve marked some of our favorites.

Newsletter Image
Call Center Metrics for Meeting the Quadruple Aims
Review and Documentation of Patient’s Medical History – How Much is Necessary During Telephone Triage?
Rectal Thermometry to Confirm Fever in Babies Under 3 Months – The Evidence Behind the Practice

When Antibiotics are Not Needed – How to Support and Educate Callers
“Dry” Drowning – Sailing Through Parental Concerns
Improving Health Literacy Skills in Your Call Center
When Time is of the Essence – Efficiency Tips for Phone Triage
Asking the Right Questions at the Right Time
“Mutant” Head Lice Reports Drive Triage Nurses Buggy
Zika Virus – Preparing Your Call Center for Patient Questions

Salmonella Outbreak and Food-borne Illness
COPD Post-Hospitalization Triage and Follow-Up
Smoking Cessation – Tips for Helping Callers Quit
Ebola Virus Disease
Enterovirus-D68 Associated with Severe Respiratory Illness in Children
Measles Outbreak – How to Spot
Triage of Patients with Heart Failure Post-Hospitalization
The Polar Vortex and Frostbite

Nasal Congestion, Saline and Suction
Risk Management Checklist for Call Centers; Good Call Checklist
West Nile Virus
Whooping Cough
Heat Wave Emergencies
Treating Coughs in Childhood
Coughing Children: How to Reassure Callers

The Neti Pot and Primary Amebic Meningoencephalitis; Maximum Acetaminophen Dosing
Delayed Skin Rashes in Children Taking an Antibiotic
Radiation Guidance for Callers
Hand-Only CPR; Colds and Flu
Head Lice
Headache in Adults
Pollen Allergies
Head Injuries in Children