When Your Customers’ Clinics Are Closed for the Night, Their Patients Still Need Help

The after hours service you provide is vital to the healthcare industry. To run a successful business providing that service you need a cost-effective and scalable triage solution that will work with the software you are already using to manage your calls. If your triage nurses are struggling with expensive, outdated, or cumbersome telephone triage systems or informal triage protocols, it’s harder for them to provide the high-quality after-hours triage care your clients and customers are counting on for their patients.

After hours triage tools don’t have to be expensive or hard to use.

Empower Your Telephone Triage Nurses to Uphold and Exceed the Standards You’ve Set for Them

The Schmitt-Thompson nurse triage protocols ensure the highest standard of telephone triage service—and with protocols created specifically to address the unique needs of patients calling after your clients’ offices are closed for the day, your triage nurses have everything they need to provide the best possible after hours triage care:

Gold-Standard Schmitt-Thompson Guidelines Specifically for After Hours Triage Lines

Call Note Generation for Standardized Documentation and Client Satisfaction

Works with On-Call Hub or Any Other Call Management Software

Harness the Benefits of ClearTriage for Your Outsourced Triage Call Service

Handle Any Patient Need

Toss the Triage Books

Make Your Dollars Do More

See how easy it is to use our After Hours Triage software with a 3-minute demo:

Affordable After Hours Triage Solutions for Outsourced Triage Services

Compared to ClearTriage Office Hours, our 24/7 decision support tool includes hundreds of additional protocols, with more detailed triage questions, targeted care advice resources, and dispositions tailored to the unique concerns of patients calling in after hours.



Per Concurrent User*

Volume discounts available

Includes 364 Pediatric Triage Protocols
by Dr. Barton Schmitt



Per Concurrent User*

Volume discounts available

Includes 434 Adult Triage Protocols
by Dr. David Thompson



Per Concurrent User*

Volume discounts available

Includes 798 Pediatric and
Adult Triage Protocols

* Concurrent users is the number of nurses who are using ClearTriage at the same time.

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After Hours Triage Service Resources

After Hours Triage

Our complete indexes of adult and pediatric After Hours protocols organized by anatomical grouping.

Adult AH Protocol Index
Pediatric AH Protocol Index

After Hours Services
Using ClearTriage

While we provide the Schmitt-Thompson
telephone triage protocols in easy-to-use software for your own nurses, we don’t offer a full service with triage nurses to take your triage calls–but we have multiple customers who do.

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If you don’t have software yet to store details about your clients and their patients, On-Call Hub provides a fast, reliable, scalable platform that integrates with ClearTriage, tracks calls for billing, and transmits call notes to your clients.

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Give Your Nurses the Leading Decision Support Tool Available for Telephone Triage Nurses

Bringing consistent, standardized, gold-standard triage processes to your outsourced triage call center is easier than 1-2-3:

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