The quality of your triage nursing team matters. So do your triage protocols.

Your patients depend on the clinical expertise and sound judgment of your triage nurses to give them the help they need, when they need it. In order to provide this care in the fast-paced world of telephone triage, your nurses depend on easy-to-use, up-to-date, and comprehensive triage protocols to help them work efficiently and make the right decisions under pressure.

The best telephone triage nurses deserve the best telephone triage protocols.

What are the Schmitt-Thompson telephone triage protocols?

The Schmitt-Thompson protocols are the most widely used telephone triage protocols in the healthcare industry. How widely used? Over 95% of medical triage call centers in North America use them to handle patient calls every day—over 25 million calls a year!

Triage nurses who use the Schmitt-Thompson protocols can confidently make decisions about the care their patients need based on their expertise and training, which:

Enhances Patient Satisfaction

Ensures Patient

Improves Health Outcomes

Supports the Nursing Process

What Makes the Schmitt-Thompson Protocols the Gold Standard?


The Schmitt-Thompson protocols cover a wide range of symptoms and conditions to help your nurses exercise their professional judgement and make confident decisions about patient care.


The Schmitt-Thompson telephone protocols are updated annually based on new medical literature and feedback from the nurses who use them every day. Around 15 new protocols are added each year!

Widely Used,
Universally Trusted

Thousands of organizations worldwide trust the Schmitt-Thompson protocols to support their telephone triage nurses, including over 95% of the medical call centers in North America!

Rigorous Protocol
Review Process

The process to make changes to current protocols or create new protocols is structured, rigorous, and always followed with patient safety and quality care in mind.

See how the Schmitt-Thompson protocols can elevate your telephone triage process:

Who created the
Schmitt-Thompson protocols?

The Schmitt-Thompson protocols were developed by Dr. Barton Schmitt, MD, FAAP, and Dr. David Thompson, MD, FACEP. Together, they have developed and continue to create and update over 1000 telehealth triage protocols for pediatric and adult patients!

Meet Dr. Schmitt

Barton Schmitt, MD is an expert in pediatric care. He wrote the first book on telephone triage for pediatric clinics in 1980, and for the past four decades, he’s continued building on that foundation. Today, Dr. Schmitt’s contributions to the Schmitt-Thompson protocols include 257 office hours protocols and 364 after-hours protocols!

From 1988 to 2018, Dr. Schmitt served as the Medical Director of the Pediatric Call Center at Children’s Hospital Colorado, which covers evening and weekend calls for over 500 pediatricians.

He’s also written two award-winning child care books for parents: Your Child’s Health and My Child is Sick!

Meet Dr. Thompson

David Thompson, MD contributes the adult telephone triage protocols to the Schmitt-Thompson protocols, including 251 office hours protocols and 434 after-hours protocols.

Dr. Thompson is board-certified in both Internal Medicine and Emergency Medicine. He is highly skilled in database design and heavily involved in the continual improvement of the triage protocols and their update process.

He’s written many articles on patient satisfaction and chief complaint coding, and uses his findings to continuously improve triage databases and educational tools.

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