Pediatric Telephone Triage Made Better and Faster

In busy pediatric practices, it’s hard to ensure that all symptom-related calls are being handled safely and consistently. Plus when the phones get busy your triage nurses often struggle to quickly find the appropriate triage protocol in a potentially outdated book, document the call, and reassure the parent or guardian with compassionate guidance.

Go beyond the book and provide safe, consistent triage with easy online access to Dr. Barton Schmitt’s proven protocols.

Provide the Highest Level of Care to Even the Smallest of Patients with ClearTriage

Standardized, easy-to-use, always up-to-date pediatric telephone triage protocols from Dr. Barton Schmitt make sure your telephone triage nurses provide the same high standard of care for every caller. Handle calls more efficiently, more consistently, and put parents and caretakers at ease with ClearTriage, featuring:

257 Protocols Covering 98% of Symptom-Based Calls

Care Advice Handouts and OTC Pediatric Medication Dosage Tables

Standardized, Real-Time Documentation Capabilities

What Can You Do With ClearTriage For Pediatric Practices?

Give Your Team Quick Access to Dr. Barton Schmitt’s Trusted Pediatric Protocols

Document Triage Calls in Real-Time in Any EHR

Give Pediatric Dosage Advice for Common Over-The-Counter Medications

Put Parents and Guardians at Ease with Dr. Schmitt’s Care Advice Handouts

Watch this three-minute video to see how easy it is to use ClearTriage:

Affordable Telephone Triage Software for Pediatric Practices and Clinics

With ClearTriage, your nurses can better manage calls, provide clear guidance to worried parents and caregivers, and reduce documentation time. This means smoother operations, a more productive staff, and happier patients, all while saving costs.



Per Concurrent User*

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Includes 257 Pediatric Triage Protocols
by Dr. Barton Schmitt

* Concurrent users is the number of nurses who are using ClearTriage at the same time.

See For Yourself the Difference ClearTriage Makes

Pediatric Triage Resources


Explore the complete index of pediatric protocols available in ClearTriage, organized by anatomical group.

Pediatric Anatomical Protocol Index

Health Index

See a list of pediatric behavioral health protocols including behavior problems, anxiety, sleep problems, psychosocial problems and more.

Pediatric Behavioral Protocol Index


Meet our customers and discover how using Dr. Barton Schmitt’s protocols through ClearTriage transformed their approach to helping pediatric patients and easing their parents’ worries.

Advanced Pediatric Associates
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How easy is it to get started with ClearTriage for pediatric practices?

Bringing Dr. Barton Schmitt’s complete pediatric protocols to your clinic’s triage staff is so easy, it’s even easier than 1-2-3!

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