Training Videos

From training videos for new ClearTriage users, to deep dives into advanced features for experienced users and administrative staff, our video library makes it easy to keep your entire team on the same page.

ClearTriage Training Videos

Just getting started with ClearTriage or need a training refresher? Start here. Our training videos cover everything you and your staff need to know to make the most of ClearTriage!

Each of our 17 training videos are only a few minutes long and focus on specific features, from basic features like searching for protocols and sending handouts to advanced features like using multiple protocols in one call.

Getting Started


Finding the Best Protocol

Transferring the Call Note (Copy and Paste)

Sending Handouts

Overriding a Disposition

Tips for Signing Into ClearTriage and Switching Between Programs

Advanced Usage

Using More Than One Protocol

Taking a Second Emergent Call

Sticky Notes

Admin Options

Setting Up Your Admin Account

Account Settings


Customizing Triage Questions

Customizing Care Advice

Customizing Dispositions

Documentation Options

Documentation Options

Setting up your Admin Account