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Nurses Are The Real-Life Superheroes of Healthcare

But even superheroes need a sidekick. Nurses work tirelessly to achieve optimal patient outcomes, particularly in the demanding field of telephone triage. ClearTriage steps in as that reliable ally, offering the support every healthcare hero deserves.

The AAACN recommends the use of tools like ClearTriage to support the nurse telephone triage process.

A Comprehensive Telephone Triage Support Tool

Select a Protocol

ClearTriage makes it easy for nurses to quickly select the most appropriate telephone triage protocol. After capturing an initial assessment note, the nurse simply enters the chief complaint to search for a protocol. With instant access to up-to-date clinical resources including first aid information, initial assessment questions, and background information on the selected symptom, nurses have all of the information they need to begin their triage.

Assess Using the Checklist

Once the nurse has selected one of the hundreds of Schmitt-Thompson protocols, they use the triage questions as a checklist to thoroughly assess the patient and quickly determine the most appropriate disposition (such as Go to ED, See Provider Today, or Home Care). The checklist allows the nurse to safely and consistently rule out potential complications, then get the patient to the right care at the right time.

Provide Care Advice

Telephone triage often includes patient education. ClearTriage and the Schmitt-Thompson protocols make this easy with care advice that the nurse uses to educate the caller including warning signs that would be reasons to call back. Optionally, the nurse can reinforce the teaching with a care advice handout that can be emailed or texted to the caller.

Document the Call

At the end of the triage call, the nurse copies and pastes a call note from ClearTriage into their EHR or call management system, saving the nurse time and making documentation a breeze. ClearTriage’s copy and paste mechanism is being used with more than 100 EHRs with no IT integration required.

Office Hours Pricing Plans



Per Concurrent User*

Or $529 per year per user.
Save $59 when you pay annually!

Includes 257 Pediatric Triage Protocols
by Dr. Barton Schmitt



Per Concurrent User*

Or $529 per year per user.
Save $59 when you pay annually!

Includes 251 Adult Triage Protocols
by Dr. David Thompson



Per Concurrent User*

Or $749 per year per user.
Save $79 when you pay annually!

Includes 508 Adult and
Pediatric Triage Protocols

*Pricing based on the number of telephone triage nurses (or other staff) using ClearTriage at the same time.
ClearTriage also offers After Hours pricing for evening or overnight calls.

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What are the Schmitt-Thompson protocols?

The Schmitt-Thompson protocols are the most widely used telephone triage protocols, relied on by nurses and call centers to handle over 25 million calls a year. Developed by Dr. Barton Schmitt and Dr. David Thompson, the protocols are evidence-based and peer reviewed annually to ensure their accuracy.

The AAACN recommends the use of clinical decision support tools such as ClearTriage to support the telephone triage process and enhance the consistency and efficiency of calls.

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