Telephone triage protocols for your nurses and your EHR.

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See how your organization can benefit from the Schmitt-Thompson protocols in our easy-to-use online solution. No setup, minimal training, and fast, consistent triage.

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Consistency and quality

Safe, standardized, up-to-date telephone care for your patients

Efficiency and focus

Targeted questions for focused care and shorter call times

Decision support

A checklist that supports but does not replace clinical judgment

Recommended by the AAACN

The AAACN recommends the use of clinical decision support tools such as protocols (also referred to as guidelines or algorithms)

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The gold standard

Protocols from Dr. Barton Schmitt and Dr. David Thompson are widely accepted as the standard in call centers and practices

Regular updates and reviews

Reviewed and updated annually by Dr. Schmitt and Dr. Thompson, by users and by a panel of experts

Who are Dr. Barton Schmitt and Dr. David Thompson?

Dr. Schmitt is a pioneer in telephone triage and Medical Director of the Pediatric Call Center at Children’s Hospital of Colorado since 1988.

Dr. Thompson is a recognized leader in creating telephone triage protocols for adults and part-time faculty attending in the Northwestern Memorial Hospital Emergency Department.

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ClearTriage provides decision support software for telephone triage nurses to more organizations than any other company.

Thousands of nurses from more than six hundred organizations use ClearTriage every day. Our customers range from small practices and clinics to large healthcare systems and after hours services.

Millions of calls per year are taken using ClearTriage.

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