Telephone triage nursing can be one of the most sophisticated and potentially high-risk forms of nursing practiced today. Success in this role depends on the use of critical thinking and the nursing process, understanding how to effectively use decision support tools like ClearTriage, and how to appropriately document triage calls.

To support triage nurses everywhere, we offer these short videos by Carol Rutenberg, MNSc, RN-BC, C-TNP. We’ve seen Carol present to enthusiastic audiences at a variety of conferences and are proud to sponsor this series that captures some of the key elements in her teachings.

If you don’t know Carol, she is a nationally recognized expert, speaker and author in the field of telephone triage. She is the primary author of the AAACN-endorsed book The Art and Science of Telephone Triage. In addition to the free videos below, Carol also has recordings of her one- and two-day training seminars available for purchase from her website and eligible for CE credits.

what is telephone triage
the nursing process
decision support tools
pitfalls part 1
pitfalls part 2