ClearTriage After Hours (AH) comes with hundreds of additional protocols from Dr. Schmitt and Dr. Thompson, dispositions suitable for 24/7 usage and targeted care advice to support faster calls. But because of the price difference, some organizations wonder if they can legally use the Office Hours version of ClearTriage instead.

Here is the pertinent legal language from our Terms of Use:

Unless you license an After Hours version of ClearTriage, your right to use ClearTriage to take telephone triage calls is limited to Office Hours. “Office Hours” means the hours during which the physical office with which you are affiliated is scheduled to be open and seeing patients, not to exceed 14 hours in any 24-hour period.

However, even if you do not license an After Hours version of ClearTriage, you are permitted to use ClearTriage outside of Office Hours for educational and training purposes or for use by one On Call Staff Member at a time. “On Call Staff Member” is defined as a member of your staff who regularly works at your practice during Office Hours and sometimes takes triage calls outside of Office Hours.

You specifically cannot use ClearTriage to regularly take telephone triage calls in an after hours call center unless you license an After Hours version of ClearTriage.


If you still have questions about your specific situation, please CONTACT US and we’ll help you figure it out.