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What is ClearTriage?

ClearTriage is an online decision support tool for pediatric triage nurses in practices and clinics. Benefits of ClearTriage include:


Easy access to Dr. Barton Schmitt’s protocols on every call

Searchable protocols in a clean, user-friendly interface

After-call handouts by email or text to reinforce care advice

A clear, standardized message in OP for every triage call

How does ClearTriage work with Office Practicum®?

ClearTriage and Office Practicum work together to provide the following benefits:

Launch ClearTriage from OP

ClearTriage is available as a convenient button from the message screen in Office Practicum.

Single sign on

Your nurses don’t need to remember separate sign on details for ClearTriage. Just push the button from within OP and you’re automatically signed into ClearTriage.

Create messages for OP

ClearTriage creates clean, standardized documentation for every call, which can be inserted directly into a message in the patient record in OP.

Office Practicum is a registered trademark of Connexin Software, Inc.

Can I see how it works?

OP Video Image

Note: OP Cloud customers can watch this video by going to in a web browser not within OP Cloud.

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