Monkeypox Protocols for Nurse Telephone Triage

Are you receiving calls from patients concerned that they may have symptoms of monkeypox or with questions about a potential monkeypox exposure? Here at ClearTriage, we’ve been closely following the news surrounding the outbreak of monkeypox and have been working with the clinical authoring teams at Schmitt-Thompson Clinical Content (STCC) to provide you with the latest guidance and most up-to-date recommendations. This post will be updated regularly as we receive new content from STCC.

Update September 13, 2022

Updated versions of the following pediatric protocols were released to reflect the triage and care advice guidance first outlined on August 16th.

Office Hours Pediatric Protocol Updates

After Hours Pediatric Protocol Updates

Update September 2, 2022 (SymptomScreen guides)

Dr. Schmitt and the authoring team at Schmitt Decision Logic have released two monkeypox-related screening guides for SymptomScreen:

  • Monkeypox Exposure (No Symptoms)
  • Monkeypox Suspected

Click here to learn more about SymptomScreen, our call prioritization tool for your non-clinical staff who take symptom-based calls before they go to your triage nurses.

Update August 16, 2022 (Pediatric recommendations)

Dr. Schmitt and the Pediatric Editorial Team at STCC have developed recommendations to help nurses respond to pediatric monkeypox calls. For now, click here to read those recommendations. The protocol updates described in this article will likely be available to use within ClearTriage in the few weeks and we will notify our customers when this occurs.

Original August 12, 2022 Article (Adult protocols only)

We are pleased to announce that both the Office Hours and After Hours versions of ClearTriage now include adult monkeypox telephone triage protocols to help nurses triage patients and provide them with appropriate care advice. If you are a current customer using the adult protocols, you will find these protocols directly available in ClearTriage.

Here are PDFs of these adult monkeypox protocols, shared with the permission of STCC:

Office Hours Adult Protocols

After Hours Adult Protocols

You may be asking “What about pediatric monkeypox nurse telephone triage protocols?” Though the incidence of pediatric cases of monkeypox remains low, we understand that you may still be receiving calls from parents who have questions and concerns.

The pediatric team at STCC is diligently working on the most appropriate support for telephone triage nurses who care for pediatric populations. In the meantime, check out the adult PDFs linked above. You may also find this article on the AAP’s website for parents helpful.

ClearTriage is a web-based decision support tool for telephone triage nurses and the leading provider of the Schmitt-Thompson telephone triage protocols. Contact us to learn more or start your 30-day free trial today.

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