The Benefits of Sending Care Advice Handouts

Did you know that you can send educational handouts to your patients or their caregivers directly from ClearTriage? These handouts are written by the protocol authors and can be sent by email, text, or by a link that can be shared through your EHR or patient portal. Watch this short video to see how to send a handout.

Providing care advice and education to patients and caregivers is an important part of nurse telephone triage. Sending educational handouts can reinforce your teaching and provide the caller with a resource to quickly and easily refer back to, decreasing the likelihood of a callback.

According to Dr. Barton Schmitt, one of the protocol authors, sending care advice handouts should also reduce your call times. This is especially true for calls with a Home Care disposition, since those calls typically require covering the largest amount of care advice. Sending handouts allows the nurse to focus during the call on the three or four most important pieces of care advice, knowing the patient will receive a handout covering a more complete list of care advice topics after the call. Additionally, care advice handouts can increase patient compliance and satisfaction.

September 2022 Handout Updates

On September 7th, 2022, we released the annual updates to the handouts in ClearTriage. These updates match changes to the care advice in the recently released 2022 nurse triage protocol updates. This release also includes the following 27 new handouts:

New Pediatric Handouts

  1. ADHD Student Pledge
  2. Anemia: Iron Deficiency Type
  3. Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)
  4. COVID-19 Vaccine Reactions and Questions
  5. Dandruff
  6. Depression
  7. Elbow Injury
  8. Gynecomastia – Normal
  9. Hip Injury
  10. Low Body Temperature – Normal
  11. Newborn Skin Care
  12. Newborn Urine – Pink or Brick Dust Color
  13. Overweight Patient Pledge
  14. Shoulder Injury
  15. Sweating – Stress Related
  16. Teens – Normal Rebellion
  17. Wrist or Hand Injury

New Adult Handouts

  1. Ankle Swelling
  2. Bruises
  3. Cellulitis on Antibiotic Follow-up Call
  4. Cough – Chronic
  5. Coughing Up Blood
  6. Eye – Swelling
  7. Hernia
  8. Knee Swelling
  9. Motor Vehicle Accident
  10. Vomiting Blood

There are now 547 English-language handouts available to send in ClearTriage. 

ClearTriage is a web-based decision support tool for telephone triage nurses and the leading provider of the Schmitt-Thompson telephone triage protocols. Contact us to learn more or start your 30-day free trial today.

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