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ClearTriage allows you to focus on telephone triage. For us, simpler was not only better but safer and more affordable. I can’t imagine doing it any other way.

Chris Phillips, BSN, RN
24/7 Care Advice Line Manager
Privia Health

Testimonials from ClearTriage Users

I have worked in telephone triage for a number of years, my experience with ClearTriage far surpasses any other software or online program I have used previously. As a Clinical Manager for a busy pediatric office call center, I value its ease of use for my staff as well as its reliability. We absolutely love the product!Audra Bailey, BSN, RN, Clinical Nurse ManagerAdvanced Pediatric Associates

ClearTriage is a phenomenal program that has streamlined our approach to triage as well as made it more consistent. The result is that we can work faster and with greater accuracy which is beneficial to both the clinic and the patient. Plus the education and handouts reduce the likelihood that patients will call back because they get very clear home care advice and reasons to call back.Laura, RN, Call Assist CenterThe Everett Clinic

It works incredibly well!! The nurses love it, it puts a full note in the patient’s chart and the best thing, it emails or texts the instructions discussed on the call. We have gotten more positive comments about that feature alone than we have ever received on changes we made in the office. We go through a “risk assessment” every year by our malpractice carrier and they love it as well.Ted Abernathy, MD, FAAPPediatric & Adolescent Health Partners

ClearTriage is one of my favorite tools. It is intuitive and extremely user friendly. I use ClearTriage to help me determine how necessary an appointment is, which improves scheduling efficiency. I also like having the ability to easily copy and paste the notes into the chart so the doctor has a clear understanding of what was discussed.Laraleigh Windom, Triage NurseOne Family Pediatrics

We were transitioning triage nurses and knew we needed protocols in place. We reviewed our options and ClearTriage was the winner. We were really happy with how simple and smooth it was to use.Kate Surbaugh, RN, Clinical Nurse ManagerSawtooth Mountain Clinic

The consistency, not only in advice but in documentation, has made ClearTriage invaluable to us. Its ease of use and depth of information on the most common calls we take has made this a favorite resource for physicians and triage nurses alike. Our families really appreciate the handouts that we are so easily able to send through email and text. This is a fantastic triage tool!!Janice Salem, MD, FAAPLakeview Pediatrics

We chose ClearTriage to provide protocols for the nurses in my after hours telephone triage company. We service over 750 pediatricians nationwide so it was imperative that we have a service that was reliable and could integrate into our current system. ClearTriage exceeded my expectations and my only regret is that I didn’t find them sooner. You will not find a company that offers the level of service that they provide. They go above and beyond and truly care about their product.Julie Ortiz, RNC-TNP, President and CEOTriage 4 Pediatrics

This app is very helpful for our clinical staff and front desk staff to triage a patient quickly and effectively. We have had the app for about 6 months now and have only had one small technical issue. ClearTriage answered my call immediately and I was contacted very soon after with a resolution. ClearTriage then worked with our IT group to fix the problem even though it was an issue in our network setup. I am impressed with the app, as well as the customer service!Amanda Alexander, RNWade Family Medical Group

I love having Dr. Schmitt’s triage advice literally at my fingertips. After being a triage nurse for 18 years, I was not opening Dr. Schmitt’s book during calls nearly as much. I am being refreshed with information, new and old. Sometimes it’s just having a new way of relaying info by looking at every protocol, every call. It’s giving me small tips that can make a difference.Susan Cohen, RN, Lead Triage NurseCherry Creek Pediatrics

We recently started using ClearTriage and the feedback from the medical team could not be more positive. Even during the trial phase we avoided unnecessary emergency room and urgent care visits that saved our client thousands of dollars and increased member satisfaction.Dulien Contreras, Medical SupervisorAXA Assistance Travel Insurance

Our pediatrics practice has found the ClearTriage application to be extremely beneficial to our Telephone Triage staff. The efficiency, clinical counsel, treatment guidelines and options, and ease by which they can navigate the system has been amazing. Our new MAs and nurses (coming straight out of school) have especially found the application to be helpful as they learn the aspects of clinical triage for our patients. One marvelous feature is the ability to send documentation of the phone call and counsel given straight to the parents phone via text or email! The parents LOVE this great tool! Highly recommend this product. Amazing!Kim Houze, Practice ManagerNorthside Pediatrics

I was prepared to hate ClearTriage. Being an older nurse and definitely being set in my ways, the very thought of having to utilize this new system was extremely intimidating. Was I ever wrong! ClearTriage actually makes my job easier. No more fumbling with a big heavy triage advice book… everything is right at your fingertips. Triage questions and advice are clear and concise… love it!Melanie Schwab, Triage NurseRoswell Pediatric Center

Thanks for all of your help. You were great to work with and I really appreciate your support piloting this and the ease of implementing!Breann Streck, RN, BSN, Special Projects DirectorRiverStone Health

Our 25,000 patient pediatric practice used ClearTriage for three years prior to switching to a new EMR which had triage protocols embedded in the EMR. Our RN triage team struggled to learn and use the new protocol system in this large nationally-known EMR. After four months, it became apparent that the new EMR protocol system was not user-friendly and hindered the team in professionally helping our patients. Even though it was included in our EMR fee, we decided to pay for ClearTriage instead. The RN staff is thrilled to have ClearTriage back as a tool to help our pediatric families!Irene Dudley, RN Triage ManagerCentral Oregon Pediatric Associates

ClearTriage provides clear, accurate information that is easy to access while on the phone with a parent. ClearTriage has taken the guess work out of my phone triage, simplified my day and given me confidence.Kim Carter, RNThe Youth Clinic

I have been extremely pleased with Clear Triage! It is the “smoothest” triage program I have ever worked with! I love how you have the background information and evidenced-based information embedded within the protocol for the nurses to reference!Susan Webber, MSN RN, CPN, CPEN, CEN, TCRN, Senior Manager of Clinical ServicesCatalyst Health Network

ClearTriage is easy to understand and use, makes charting a lot faster, and has standardized our telephone triage. We can also text or email instructions to our patients. The information is very complete and detailed appropriately. It has doubled the productivity of our triage staff!C Eve J Kimball, MD, FAAPAll About Children Pediatric Partners

Your attention and concern in resolving user questions and issues is outstanding!Susie Flowers, RN, 24/7 Care CoordinationMount Carmel Health System

I actually just told another office manager how much my nurses love ClearTriage. It is great to have protocols right in front of you while you are on the phone with a parent. And it is a time saver to be able to click on all the advice given and copy and paste it directly into the patient’s chart. We also love the handouts that you can email to parents with the information you discussed with them.Meghan Harrison, RN, Clinical SupervisorSouthwest Pediatrics

I feel this has been quite the asset to our practice, when triaging phone calls especially with Office Practicum. Very easy to use and the same reliable source of pediatric information we all refer to. You can paste into the patient’s chart after documenting and clicking on pertinant info.Lisa Salisbury, LPNHarbor Pediatrics

ClearTriage is an amazing standardization tool that has been a wonderful addition to our triaging across the board. The nurses are happy using the algorithms and the providers are happy with the notes being simple and direct.Shelley Zell, BSN, RN, Clinic ManagerKU Pediatrics

ClearTriage has allowed our nurses to provide consistent, accurate and timely advice to our patients. The documentation in the EHR is concise and is completed at the time of the phone call. The ability to text or email handouts to the parents while on the call adds to patient satisfaction and allows for more thorough instructions while allowing the triage nurse to be more efficient. ClearTriage has greatly improved our triage and documentation process!Jill Valuch, DO, Managing PartnerEden Park Pediatric Associates

ClearTriage is an incredible tool that allows our clinical staff to have access to evidence-based protocols and document interactions with our families efficiently. The rationales throughout the protocols have been a valuable training tool for new staff. Our providers appreciate the ability to customize protocols and the updates that are pushed out periodically. It has been a wonderful addition to our practice.Amber Lovell, MSN, RN, CPN, Clinic ManagerApex Pediatrics

ClearTriage is a wonderful tool that has improved our efficiency while ensuring that all critical questions are asked. Our patients love receiving follow up information via text/email that reinforces the guidelines we provide over the phone.Kim Ray, Triage NurseNorth River Pediatrics

ClearTriage has been a great tool for training new nursing staff to phone triage and an efficient way for seasoned nursing staff to document a call and advice provided with minimal typing. The training materials outline not only how to use ClearTriage but phone triage concepts & suggested phrasing formats. The manual is outstanding; we provide new nursing staff members a copy. ClearTriage has been the easiest 3rd party product we have used through Athena. I recommend it for any pediatric office.Bernadette Canning, Practice ManagerChildren’s Medical Group

It’s way better than the book version!Norene Suchsland, Triage NurseRamsdell Pediatrics

Our staff has used Clear Triage for over two years with tremendous success. The integration with athenaHealth makes it easy and efficient to access. Documentation of phone calls is simple. One of the great features of this product is the ability to provide information directly to the patient or parent via an immediate text or email. Our nurses love the fact they can use the integrated dosing charts. The depth of information available to nurses is extremely helpful. Leslie Leete Smith, MBA, Practice ManagerBriarpatch Pediatrics

ClearTriage is efficient, reliable, and very easy to navigate while triaging a patient. We love the ability to email families handouts (with consent) on the information we used in ClearTriage.The Nursing StaffPediatric Partners of the Southwest

We are very happy with ClearTriage! It is so nice to install a system and have it go so smoothly, promises kept and employees happy. And it’s great to put something in place that actually makes things easier for our staff!Diane Lipari, Office ManagerFarmington Pediatric & Adolescent Medicine