ClearTriage Training Videos

Each of the short videos below demonstrate how to use a specific feature in ClearTriage. Watch them one at a time to learn something in particular or watch them all at once to become a ClearTriage guru!

Nurses Watching Training Video

Getting Started  

These videos provide training on the aspects of ClearTriage that triage nurses use every day.

  1.  Overview (3:01)
  2.  Finding the Best Protocol (2:49)
  3.  Transferring the Call Note (Copy and Paste) (2:41)
  4.  Sending Handouts (5:29)
  5.  Overriding a Disposition (2:47)
  6.  Tips for Signing Into ClearTriage and Switching Between Programs (5:08)

Documentation Options  

These videos show the different documentation options within ClearTriage, options that your organization will want to reach agreement on early in your ClearTriage usage.

  1.  Documentation Options (9:44)
  2.  Setting up your Admin Account (2:59)

Advanced Usage  

These videos provide training on features in ClearTriage that, while still important, triage nurses use less frequently. They are best reviewed after mastering the basics of taking a telephone triage call using ClearTriage.

  1.  Using More Than One Protocol (4:49)
  2.  Taking a Second Emergent Call (3:24)
  3.  Sticky Notes (4:15)
  4.  Switching Between After Hours and Office Hours Protocols (0:58)

Admin Options  

These videos demonstrate how as a ClearTriage administrator you can use the Account Settings, Reports and Customization options in ClearTriage.

  1.  Setting up your Admin Account (2:59)
  2.  Account Settings (2:04)
  3.  Reports (7:00)
  4.  Customizing Triage Questions (8:54)
  5.  Customizing Care Advice (8:20)
  6.  Customizing Dispositions (5:17)


These videos are hosted on YouTube. If network restrictions or other technical problems are preventing you from watching the videos, try going to using a different browser or from a different location.