Nurse Telephone Triage and COVID-19 Protocols

Here are PDFs of the COVID-19 protocols available in ClearTriage, shared with the permission of Schmitt-Thompson Clinical Content: Current Adult COVID-19 Protocols Current Pediatric COVID-19 Protocols Changes in the Adult COVID-19 Protocols since the last version Changes in the Pediatrics COVID-19 Protocols since the last version Click on a link [...]

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Nurse Telephone Triage and Telemedicine Visits

Telemedicine visits have become an important option when scheduling patient visits with providers. Since triage nurses may recommend a visit type or even directly schedule the patient visit, they often need to decide whether an in-person visit or a video visit is appropriate. To help with this decision, ClearTriage can display specific triage questions as [...]

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What Do I Know?

The following article was originally published in ViewPoint, the official newsletter of the American Academy of Ambulatory Care Nursing. We believe it shows the importance of nurse telephone triage and wanted to share it with you. It was written by Andrea Kossoudji, MBA, BSN, RN-BC, RN Care Manager, Primary Care, Mission Valley Community Based Outpatient [...]

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Internet Explorer Security Setting for OP Users of ClearTriage

Summary: If you are using the ClearTriage integration with Office Practicum and can't copy call notes from ClearTriage to OP on one or more computers, you will need to change a security setting in Internet Explorer on each of those computers. Details: The ClearTriage button on the OP Message screen launches ClearTriage in an Internet [...]

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Internet Explorer Security Setting for ClearTriage

Summary: If you are using Internet Explorer to access ClearTriage, you may need to change a security setting in Internet Explorer in order to successfully copy from ClearTriage into your EHR. Details: If you or any of your team are using Internet Explorer AND are receiving errors when trying to copy call notes from ClearTriage [...]

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COVID-19 Nurse Telephone Triage – Learning from the Data

The COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in significant changes in the volume and types of calls received by telephone triage nurses. In this article we share an analysis of how those changes have impacted ClearTriage users in order to provide insights we hope will be helpful to triage nurses and nurse managers everywhere. Overall Call Volume [...]

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Customizing for COVID-19 Calls

Drs. Schmitt and Thompson are providing regular updates to the COVID-19 Exposure protocols based on updated guidance from the CDC and other infectious disease experts. But what if you need to supplement their guidelines with policies specific to your organization? Or what if you want to make changes to the Fever, Cough, and Trouble Breathing [...]

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How Many ClearTriage Subscriptions Do I Need?

In simple terms, you need as many subscriptions as you have nurses using ClearTriage at the same time. If your nurses work different shifts or rotate in and out of phone triage, you do not need a separate subscription for each individual nurse. They will share a pool of subscriptions and each nurse only uses [...]

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After Hours or Office Hours – Which Protocols Are Right for You?

The clinical triage protocols used in ClearTriage come in two versions: After Hours and Office Hours. How do you know which version is best for your organization? This article will help by exploring the differences between the two in detail. The Basics First and foremost, if you have an after hours call center, you must [...]

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ClearTriage for After Hours Triage Services – Part 2 of 2

In our first blog article in this series we covered On-Call Hub from Heavy Technology Group, an online call management platform that works with ClearTriage to provide an easy-to-use solution for after hours telephone triage services. This is typically our first recommendation for an after hours service looking for their first electronic triage [...]

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