ClearTriage Quick Links

Do you want to make it easier for your nurses to sign in to ClearTriage, eliminating the need for them to remember and type in your shared Account ID and Account Password? Or do you want to record the nurse’s department (or clinic or location) and use that for a more detailed breakdown in your reporting? A ClearTriage Quick Link is the easy way to make this happen, often without needing any involvement by your IT department!

A ClearTriage Quick Link is a URL (a hyperlink) that launches your ClearTriage account. The nurse only needs to enter their name to start using ClearTriage. If you want, you can instruct the nurse to enter a last name or initial in addition to their first name, or even use their hospital id instead of their name. You can even present that list of departments (or clinics or locations) for the nurse to choose from.

The ClearTriage Quick Link is most commonly saved as a bookmark or favorite in the nurse’s browser. Depending on your organization, it might also be able to be placed in your EMR, in SharePoint, in Citrix, or on another web page available to your nurses.

A variation that some of our customers use is to create a different ClearTriage Quick Link for each of their departments. You share the appropriate Quick Link with each department in order to get the additional detail in your reporting without your nurse needing to select a department.

To learn more about ClearTriage Quick Links, simply contact us and tell us what you want your new sign in screen to look like!


ClearTriage is a web-based decision support tool for telephone triage nurses and the leading provider of the Schmitt-Thompson telephone triage protocols. In addition to Quick Links, ClearTriage offers several technical integrations including SSO, embedding, structured data return, and translation. Contact us to learn more or start your 30-day free trial today.

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