Two Complementary Solutions

ClearTriage offers different solutions to support two roles involved in handling symptom-based calls. Our flagship ClearTriage product is the leading online decision support tool for telephone triage nurses. Whereas our new SymptomScreen tool is designed specifically for call center agents, schedulers, front desk staff, and other unlicensed personnel. Read more below!

ClearTriage for Nurses

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ClearTriage is an easy-to-use yet powerful online version of the Schmitt-Thompson nurse telephone triage protocols. It lets your nurses focus on the call and the caller rather than on your triage software. ClearTriage helps create the documentation for each call and stores that call note in any EMR, CRM or CMS system without requiring an IT project to set up the integration. Our customers use ClearTriage with Epic, Cerner, athenahealth, GE Centricity, Allscripts, eClinicalWorks and dozens more.

ClearTriage allows you to customize the triage protocols, view usage reports and mark specific triage questions as video visit eligible. You can even send care advice handouts directly to callers by email, text or secure link!

  • Trusted triage protocols – The gold standard Schmitt-Thompson telephone triage protocols are used in 95% of the medical call centers in North America.

  • Works with your EHR – A simple copy and paste interface has allowed our customers to use ClearTriage with over 90 different EHRs and call center solutions.

  • Promotes consistency and safety – Standardized protocols, reviewed and edited by your medical director, provide a checklist to allow your nurses to quickly but thoroughly triage your patients.

SymptomScreen for Unlicensed Staff

SymptomScreen is an online tool specifically designed to let your call center agents and schedulers rapidly yet consistently screen patients for the most common serious complications of sick calls. The screening criteria are based on the most common high priority complications identified during calls taken by telephone triage nurses, but the screening guides don’t require clinical decision making.

SymptomScreen lets your unlicensed staff (call center agents, schedulers, representatives, front desk staff…) quickly gather specific information from the caller in order to screen calls before sending them to a triage nurse or scheduling an appointment. SymptomScreen also allows your medical director to review and customize the screening guides to match your workflow.

  • Simple Screening Guides – Designed for both ease of use and speed of use, each symptom presents a small set of questions to screen for the most common high priority complications.

  • Works with your EHR or call center software – Easily works with any software being used by your call center agents or schedulers. Custom integration available for Epic.

  • Promotes consistency and safety – Standardized checklists, reviewed and edited by your medical director, provide a checklist to allow your call center agents and schedulers to quickly screen for the most common high priority symptoms.

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Screening vs. Triage

SymptomScreen is designed to let your schedulers and other call center or clerical representatives consistently screen for the most common and the most dangerous serious complications of sick calls. But screening alone WILL NOT identify every potential problem. That requires clinical decision making which is not within the scope of your unlicensed staff, and it requires significantly more time than your call center staff spend on each call.

Comprehensive recognition of potentially high risk problems during a phone call can only be performed by an RN or provider and is called telephone triage. ClearTriage is the leading online decision support system for telephone triage nurses. It provides a complete decision support tool for your telephone triage nurses based on Dr. Barton Schmitt’s and Dr. David Thompson’s telephone triage protocols. If you have triage nurses, you want ClearTriage.

However, if your unlicensed staff are making decisions about which calls get transferred to a nurse or a provider and which patients get offered priority scheduling, this is where SymptomScreen can help. Our short checklists, when used consistently by your schedulers, can help them quickly identify the most common possible serious complications, improving consistency and safety in the handling of these calls.